SLIDESHOW |from crescent to full moon- March-2014

SLIDESHOW |from crescent to full moon- March-2014

Love these pictures


Tonight in Auckland it was a full moon, in the clear night sky behaved mannerly after a rush of a last weekend cyclone that hit New Zealand recently…. Progressively throughout the month you could see the moon coming from crescently to its progressive onwardly quarters… then tonight it’s the full moon… Out shining anything starry in the night sky…

So when you look at the moon “wink at the moon”…. For the late Astronaut Neil Armstrong

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Ode to Paramedics

I’m laying in the darkness, I cannot fall asleep.

I wonder where my husband is, I wish he’d call or beep.

I saw him leave this morning, the black boots on his feet.

He said he had to run now, and I know he’s on the street.

You’ll know him when You see him, his truck is very loud.

He has no time to stop now, he doesn’t want a crowd.

A caller said “Please hurry!” Come quickly if you will.

A young man with a motorbike is laying very still.

A mother calls in anguish, her child limp and blue.

HURRY! Come, I need you! I don’t know what to do.

I hear his key turning, he’s coming in the door.

I hear him drop his boots, then footsteps on the floor.

I hear him in the kitchen, I can tell from his walk,

He’ll soon come and wake me, and ask if we can talk.

We’ll sit out in the moonlight, and listen to the night.

He talks about a shooting, a street gang in a fight.

A car crash, a drowning, a small child hurt at play.

The things he needs to talk about, the things he did today.

The old, the sick, the injured, some so very small.

He did all he could to help them, he answered every call.

Every day he has a mission, he knows it in his heart.

He does everything he can and always does his part.

If you are sick or injured and you need to reach my Hon,

I can tell you how to reach him, his number is ……911.

(author unknown)


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My Mustache brings all the Girls to the Yard

Go Mo’s

Coffee Shop Confessions


Here we are in one of the most magical months of the twelve month cycle. It’s a season of pumpkin pie consumption, alluring red coffee sleeves from Starbucks, and being thankful for gluttony. But more than any of these reasons (Because I’m American, and am therefore allowed to arbitrarily rank things however I wish) is that we get to enjoy the preferred nut of cultured men everywhere, the mustaccio.

A brief walk through history is all one need take to see the warmth of the mustache fire which men are inexplicably drawn to. It is a transcender of race and culture, bringing people together across borders and even oceans. Just look at photos of the Big Three from World War II – Stalin, FDR, and Churchill. Of the three of them, who looks the most comfortable and friendly? Stalin. Would we make a deal with an angry communist? I think…

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Five Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need Public Speaking Skills

Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

MicrophoneMost people fear public speaking more than anything else (even death). As Mark Twain once said, “There are two types of speakers in this world: those that are nervous and those that are liars.”

Still, the ability to speak well in front of a group is worthwhile skill to develop – especially if you’re an entrepreneur. Among other things, it can help you:

  1. Communicate effectively. People are more likely to buy your product or service if you can tell them about it in a way that gets them excited.
  2. Raise capital. The ability to persuade is a must if you plan to pitch your business idea to a group of investors.
  3. Market your business. Speaking engagements can be great ways to gain exposure for your product and yourself.
  4. Clarify your thinking. You have to take what’s in your head and present it in a way that makes sense to others.
  5. Challenge…

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Top 5 Flu Season Fallacies

A good read

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Retiring medics email

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Things Aren’t Always What They Appear



News is anything that makes a reader say, `Gee Whiz’! “
– Arthur MacEwen, American editor

You may have heard or read about the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) news story on the youth soccer league in Midlake, Ontario, Canada which has decided that they want to improve the experience of the children playing on its teams.  In order to achieve this goal, the league’s administrators have decided to eliminate what they consider to be one of the more damaging aspects of sports; that being competition.
Helen Dabney-Coyle of Midlake’s Soccer Association explained the objective this way, “This year to address some of the negative effects of competition, we’ve actually removed the ball.  And the kids are loving it.
(I added the emphasis)

According to the story, Helen went on to say, “By removing the ball, it’s absolutely impossible to say ‘this team won’ and ‘this team…

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Entrepreneur Turns Unwanted Gift Cards into a Business

Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

Gift cards can be a great idea. But what do you do when a well-meaning friend or relative gives you a card for a store where you never shop?  Or for a restaurant you don’t like?

Hossein Kasmai, a Florida-based serial entrepreneur, came up with a solution. He started a franchise venture — Gift Card Monkey — to help people get rid of unwanted gift cards and put cash in their pockets.

This story provides a good overview of Gift Card Monkey and how it works. Consumers can trade, sell or buy discounted gift cards online or at brick-and-mortar locations (such as kiosks in shopping malls) operated by franchisees. Gift Card Monkey usually offers somewhere between 60-95 percent of the card’s value in cash.

But what really makes Gift Card Monkey different is a software package and small device, similar to a credit-card swiper, that franchisees sell to local businesses. Kasmai, an engineer and one-time executive for Motorola, developed the technology, which allows merchants to accept any…

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Are Drivers Really This Bad?

Are all drivers in Vancouver so lazy that they can’t stop for a red right? Or perhaps they’re in too much of a rush to get somewhere? Maybe they just don’t have any regard for their safety and those around them. Drive anywhere in Metro Vancouver and you can count a multitude of inconsiderate and ignorant drivers blowing through red lights. And to make life interesting you have the other absentminded drivers who go through the green light without looking and almost crashing into the red light runner. Then there’s the speeders and aggressive drivers who always have the right of way. As a Paramedic we see our fair share of crashes; from the minor fender benders in stop and go traffic to the high speed highway crashes. All come with their fair share of challenges. Recently we treated a patient who needed to go to the hospital with a Code 3 response (lights and sirens). We explained to the family what was happening and gave them directions to the hospital we would be attending. So the family jumps into their car and proceeds to follow us at the same speed trailing our ambulance by about twenty feet. Of course, he did put on his four-way flashers, which makes it perfectly acceptable (sarcasm!). The kicker came when “we” approached a congested intersection and I had to take the ambulance into oncoming traffic against a red light- and looking into my rear view mirror I saw the family vehicle still following us; against oncoming traffic and a red light!! It was at this point that I had to pull over the ambulance, walk back to the vehicle and explain “politely” that you can’t drive like that- EVER! And we wonder why our vehicle insurance is so high?crazy-car-crashes+7

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Top 5 Ways to Make a Patient Comfortable During an Emergency

This goes a long way in the scope of our practise!!!

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